Welcome to Bonney Care Agency Ltd


Bonney Care Agency provides high quality, person centred care and support. We are registered with the Care Quality Commission [CQC] and we offer Domiciliary care services, Floating Support services and Supported Living Services within Leicester, Leicestershire, Northamptonshire and Warwickshire counties. We have a highly trained and experienced staff team. Our offices are in Leicester and all projects are within an hour’s drive from the main office

We are committed to offering a level of service and care that is second to none and strive for continuous improvement. At the heart of this philosophy lies the belief that the individuals, organisations and businesses we work with deserve a partner they can really trust to deliver. Our satisfied clients tell us we’re getting it right.

What Families Say About Us
We have used other companies and they told us what we needed, we had no say in the matter. It's a lot different now with Bonney Care they treat us like the individuals we are and ask us what we want- Mrs XX
What Families Say About Us
I'm very pleased with Bonney Care. They are really excellent with my dad. They are always punctual and they are the first company to keep sending the same person. I would definitely recommend them. - Ms M. CC
I was amazed that they could be so flexible with care and support. They really do assist you with exactly what you want- Mrs P
There is a feeling of assurance that the person you love and care for is being taken care of in your absence. That's what Bonney Care does. My mum hates to see her caregivers go. Client’s daughter
I have rarely been so impressed with the services of a care organisation. Previous organisations, for instance, insisted that all her meals should be microwaveable. Bonney Care’s only concern is that it should be food which my father likes!- Client’s daughter